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From Spitzbergen to the Antarctica, from well thought group journeys to private journeys, traveling on exclusive desired date, from proven European destinations to trips to remote regions all around the world – if you want to experience animals and nature up close, you will find your dream trip here. Traveling around the world with our partner company Colibri Travel, a specialized Tour Operator for wildlife, nature trips and animal encounters. Experience the world through the eyes of our nature specialist.
For more than a decade, the Colibri Travel brand has stood for unique nature and animal travel trips to the most beautiful natural sites in the world. From the fascinating beauty of Antarctica to the incredible flora and fauna of the Galagos Islands to the mountain gorillas of Uganda, Colibri Travel stands for unique adventure trips in the midst of breathtaking nature. Colibri Travel and Insider Journeys have entered a close cooperation to offer a large portfolio of nature and wildlife tours.
Colibri Travel is a member the “forum anders reisen”, an european community of Tour Operators and pioneer for sustainable tourism. Together with over 100 tour operators, Colibri Travel have set themselves the goal of dynamically developing the topic of sustainability in tourism, promoting projects in all destinations and making the trips as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible so future generations can enjoy the facinating beauty of our planet.
Colibri Travel a responsible tour operator and pay a lot of attention to the topic of “sustainability in tourism”. Whether through cooperation with large associations or local projects in the destination countries, we are already making a contribution to environmentally conscious as well as socially and economically sustainable travel and are constantly developing new ways to get involved further and to support other projects. Feel free to contact us directly about our projects and cooperations.
Protect the climate with our partner atmosfair. atmosfair offers you the opportunity to offset your CO₂ emissions. With a climate protection contribution you support UN-certified environmental projects in developing countries. At IT’S YOUR TRIP, we offer our customers the opportunity to voluntarily participate in atmosfair’s climate protection projects when booking flights for a small surcharge.

Together with one of our partners for India travel we support social projects in India. With the motto “help for self-help”, we promote the sustainable development of local communities. Through the support and training of local people, they acquire knowledge and skills that have a positive impact on their standard of living. We have marked the trips where we transfer an amount to the project accordingly.

One of our partners for trips to Kyrgyzstan aims to support children from orphanages. From every trip booked, an amount is donated to the Travel, Discover, Help project for each day of stay in Kyrgyzstan. The project provides for regular trips for the children, where they learn more about their country, nature and its people.
Together with one of our partners for Costa Rica Travel, we are committed to animal welfare, education and local development in Costa Rica. Our travel price already includes 5 US dollars per person, which will benefit local projects in the areas mentioned above. The following projects are supported: Animal sanctuary ‘Refugio Herpetológico’, which works for injured or illegally kept wild animals. Primary school ‘Ticufres’, to which we contribute teaching materials and general facilities. Isolated mountain community ‘Providencia de Dota’, where we are helping to plan and design a large organic garden with the aim of being able to start a local weekly market.

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