Trekking & Hiking in the Atlantika Mountains

Trekking, walking and discovery on the Atlantika mountains. Best place for Cameroon tourism, Rhumsiki is situated in an extraterrestrial landscape created by volcanic dykes. In the horizon, you will discover the chain of Mandara Mountains: dreamlike vision. During these few days of trekking, discovery of the Koma tribes- from village to village and mountain to mountain (between 1400 and 1700 m) through enchanting landscapes; discovering lifestyles, beliefs and traditions and ancestral practices of these people. This is a great moment in the discovery of the culture of north Cameroon!

Specification: Trekking & Hiking in the Atlantika Mountains




10 Days


Daily Departure

Group Size

Group Tour (maximum 10)

Tour Type

Adventure, Wilderness

Trip Grading

Active, Trekking


Trekking Equipment

Travel Dates

November to July

Arrival at the Yaoundé International Airport, reception and transfer to hotel and settling in- Dinner and night at hotel.
Morning wake and breakfast- tour of the town to visit the capital city of Cameroon, called the town of seven hills; this visit will enable you discover Yaoundé- return to the Hotel and prepare to leave for the Train Station to board a train for Ngaoundéré.
Arrival in the morning and stop over for breakfast and visit the Lamido’s Palace then continuation to Wangay, a small village at the foot of Mount Atlantika, at the road side- meeting the Lamido and settling in his Palace. He is also the village head. Here, we will leave our bags and take only what is necessary for the stay on the mountain. The village head is very welcoming and will allow us prepare the departure to the mountain in his house. We will go for 4 nights and 5 days- it is a normal walk and stop overs and will climb 2000m. The first night will be spent in the village head’s house. Dinner and night under the tent.

Day long trekking and walks to various villages, who have kept the ancestral touch with an exceptional Lebru, Naga Malou traditional architecture, where people are still in the past despite western civilization. Night under the tent.

There is no static itinerary because, according to the activities of the various villages, we wish to meet unique tribes like Komas, and to discover places where traditional life is still lived.
Dressed in G-strings made of leaves, women smoke pipes and live peaceful lives cultivating the land with their men, whom we see moving around with their arms ( bows, spears, assegai) across the shoulders. We pass through Bimilerou, Balangi,Sinlli and Guelba villages.
A river is flowing through this mountain and according to its flow, a swim is possible! Every evening, we put up camp in the Lamido’s saré and may pass some time with the inhabitants humbly and respectfully.

Morning wake; breakfast and departure for trekking in the villages and meeting with the Koma people in Bakipa, Dini, Wippi and Singli. Koma people have a special way of celebrating certain occasions: after the ingestion of a particular plant, there are dances with very scatological sounds… we are in the town of the legendary Koma farters! Dinner and night under the tent… 5 to 6 hours of walking a day.

Morning wake- after breakfast .We go down through the Bororo village to our point of departure; Wangay, where we will rest and have lunch in the shade of the saré. Then we return to the track for 2 hours then leave for the Fignolé Catholic Mission. We will retrace our steps and pass through the Faro reserve to watch birds and animals. On arrival, we will visit the centre and the village. A water point will enable us to take a bath before the evening meal under big mango trees. Dinner and night under the tent.

Morning wake- after breakfast, departure for Garoua via Poli Arrival in Garoua- settle in hotel- dinner and night.

Morning wake- breakfast- leave Garoua for Ngaoundere- spend a whole day in the car- you will have the opportunity to admire the sahelian landscape of north Cameroon and meet with the cattle herds along the way- arrival and settling in…
Morning wake and breakfast- then visit the Tello Falls, situated in the vicinity then visit the Lamido’s palace, the oldest and most organized in the great north region in old traditions- the north has uncountable cultural marvels. In the Muslim town of Ngaoundere, we have the Lamido’s palace, a very big saré with huts made of straw and shaped like mushrooms- these will make your stay. The elegance and noble nature of the guards in turbans and dressed in colourful big boubous give this special town a legendary atmosphere. With a little luck, you will take part in the fantasias- departure to the train station and board a train for Yaoundé.

Arrival in Yaoundé- settle in at hotel for a day use- tour of the town and in the evening, you Leave for the airport- departure formalities- end of stay.

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