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Galapagos impresses with its untouched nature, which makes the heart of flora and fauna lovers beat faster. The islands offer a diverse animal kingdom. A large part of the animal species can only be found here. Sea lions, sea lizards, red rock crabs, blue-footed boobies, pink flamingos, the famous giant turtles and many other rare species can be observed on this trip. On a total of 7 islands you will have the opportunity to intensively observe the fascinating landscapes and extraordinary animals.
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Enjoy a family holiday of a lifetime on this exciting trip to the ‘middle of the world’! See waterfalls, thermal springs, rainforests and volcanoes. Take a cable car to the top of Quito, ride a horse through the jungle, see monkeys as you canoe down the river. Make your own chocolate and see the animals at a theme park on this exciting adventure to Ecuador!
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Combine the green mainland of Ecuador with the volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. The flora and fauna of Ecuador is unique. Meet hummingbirds, butterflies, toucans and anteaters inland. Frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, sea iguanas, giant turtles and sea lions invite you to a journey into the natural history of the world on Galapagos. Many species live only on this archipelago. You will experience the animals, which show little shyness, up close. 
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No day is like the other - from Quito you start your journey to northern Ecuador with its rough landscapes and before you know you've left the Andes and find yourself taking a bath beneath a waterfall enjoying the subtropical climate. Explore the colonial cities and the huge animal populations in the rainforest and fall in love with this enchanting country.
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Hidden in the jungle of the Ecuadorian mountains you'll find the small but mighty Hakuna Matata Lodge. Enjoy the comfortable accommodations, the tasty food in our restaurant, the pool which is built in form of a palm and the fascinating flora and fauna of the surroundings!
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Do you like sports and would like to be active during your holidays? Then the multisport trip through the mainland of Ecuador is just the right thing for you! Discover the fascinating nature of South America on mountain bike or rafting tours and hike on the highest mountains and volcanoes of the country. You will also gain insight into Ecuador's culture and history.
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With your rental car you have the chance to get to know Ecuador in a completely different way. Do not miss any attraction and still experience the country in a very personal way. With your rental car, you head through the Ecuadorian Andes and the jungle. Look forward to unique experiences.
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