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Travel with us to the most beautiful wildlife viewing spots in the world. The earth is not only the home of man, but also a habitat for millions of animal species: large or small, brightly colored or in camouflage colors, on water or on land – nature has created numerous animals that mankind can hardly get enough of can. Would you like to delve deeper into the fascinating world of animals on earth? Then you will have the ideal opportunity to do so on one of our animal trips!
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Experienced guides ensure animal observations of a special kind

On our animal tours, you will be accompanied by experienced guides who know what is important when observing animals. For example, only with insider knowledge is it possible to track down the last free-living mountain gorillas, as you can experience, for example, when gorilla trekking in Uganda. In various national parks you can also immerse yourself in the habitats of crocodiles, elephants and hippos and get to know the jungle areas of Uganda up close. Experienced guides are also required to get the chance to see impressive tigers from a safe distance in India. You are guaranteed to remember the spectacle presented by the giant big cats in their natural habitat for a long time. An almost comparable experience offers you the polar bear observation in Svalbard. Even when the kings of the arctic are just sunning themselves on the icebergs and relaxing from the hunt, they impress just to behold them. In addition to the polar bears, you can enjoy sightings of ringed seals and walruses on extensive Zodiac excursions on Svalbard. Impossibly shaped icebergs and glacier areas complete your trip to the Arctic.

We focus on the welfare of animals and nature

On all our animal trips, one thing is particularly important to us: the well-being of animals and nature. Only if we treat nature carefully and sustainably will animal adventure trips to the habitats of the impressive animal species still be possible in the future. For this reason, you will travel in small groups in which you will respect the natural habitat of the local wildlife and always approach the creatures gently and cautiously. Our experienced guides know their way around and are experts in the respective countries. With their insider knowledge, they enable you to have a maximum of impressive experiences on your animal journey that you will remember for a long time.

Have we aroused your interest in varied animal trips? Then book your individual trip now and discover the adventurer in you! Experience our individual animal adventure trips as a group trip in a small group or as a private trip on a date of your choice. Your animal trip with Colibri Travel will be an unforgettable nature experience!

On a bird trip with Colibri-Travel - for special moments!

Be it Romania or Poland: With the bird tours from Colibri-Travel you can follow the tracks of rare bird species in Europe! Exciting animal observations and impressive landscapes and wetlands ensure that you will not forget the trip and will rave about your experiences for some time to come. On our ornithological trips, the well-being of the animals and the preservation of the fauna are matters close to our hearts. Caution is particularly important in Poland’s Biebrza National Park, where some of the world’s most endangered bird species breed, such as aquatic warblers, great snipes and greater spotted eagles. They therefore travel in small groups and always approach the birds slowly and cautiously. Our experienced tour guides recognize many specimens by their songs and calls. They are the ideal companion for your bird watching. With their know-how, they will help you to find unknown species, experience incredible moments and take unforgettable impressions home with you
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