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Bali Sunsets

Start your day on a cliff edge where you will have a breath taking view of Indonesia‘s surrounds. Immerse yourself in the incredible natural delights of Bali as you observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Be warmly welcomed into a tradtional Balinese home where you will enjoy a hearty home cooked meal.
$ 1,365
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Cambodia Experience

Take in the views of Phnom Penh whist enjoying some welcome drinks upon your hotels rooftop bar. Travel through the Cambodian countryside to the lesser known temple of Beng Mealea which has been overgrown by the encroaching jungle. Get to know a local family whilst enjoying a home cooked meal and learn about the English speaking classes they run for the local children.
$ 1,495
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China Panorama

Known as the Dragon’s Backbone, spend time taking in the spectacular rice terrace scenery of Longsheng during an overnight stay at a beautiful lodge. Visit a village in the southern countryside for an interactive experience to learn about rural life in China as you pick vegetables for a simple lunch. Venture high into the mountains to visit an ancient village and see local tea pickers at work in the plantation. Taste the fl avours of an iconic Sichuan hotpot as you cook fresh vegetables and meat in the spicy,simmering soup.
$ 4,465
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Journey along the meandering canals and meet the local people as you discover the beauty of the Mekong Delta on a three night river cruise before a speedboat journey to bustling Phnom Penh. Take a Tuk Tuk to Angkor Wat and explore the grounds by torchlight, something few travellers get to explore. Travel like a local as you glide through Saigon‘s fascinating streets on a traditional tuk tuk.
$ 4,075
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Visit one of Anuradhapura‘s most revered Buddhist temple sites, Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba, where a fantastic atmosphere is created by the many visiting pilgrims. Enjoy a fascinating walking tour of Colombo‘s Pettah market where everything from electrical goods to fresh produce is sold. Climb the thousands of steps to the top of Sigiriya Rock and be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Stop at a village near Habarana for an insight into rural Sri Lankan life. Take a bullock cart to see traditional farming life and enjoy a simple local lunch.
$ 2,115
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Admire the stunning sunrise over the tops of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. Take a boat ride to visit the unique floating village of Kampong Phluk and learn about the fascinating life of the local people. Glide through the fascinating streets of Phnom Penh on a traditional cyclo tour. Experience an evening of music, theatre and acrobatics with a night at the Cambodian Phare Circus.
$ 1,115
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Highlights of China

Wander through the narrow laneways of Beijing’s ancient ‘hutongs’ where its people have lived and traditions have evolved for centuries. Visit the Giant Panda Research & Breeding Base to learn about these endangered animals, and the conservation and breeding initiatives that have been implemented to protect them. Gain a glimpse into local life as you explore the fascinating backstreets on a walking tour in the older parts of Shanghai. Travel by high-speed train to marvel at the splendour of the World Heritage Listed Classical Chinese Gardens of Suzhou.
$ 2,979
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Escape the crowds and travel by tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat for sunrise over Angkor Wat‘s famous spires. Enjoy a hands-on traditional Lao-style cooking demonstration at the Bamboo Experience cooking school. Learn about the typical ingredients used in Lao cooking and prepare a feast for dinner. Receive a blessing when you take part in a local ‘Baci’ blessing ceremony. Cruise overnight through the 3,000 islands rising from the sea in Ha Long Bay.
$ 4,465
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Rise early to be rewarded with the spectacular views of thr largest Buddist temple at sunrise. On Indonesia‘s famous train travel to Yogyakarta pass picturesque views. Feel the breeze run through your hair as you enjoy a rickshaw ride to the Royal palace.
$ 2,469
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Highlights of Japan

Join some sumo wrestlers to enjoy a ‘chanko’ sumo lunch and learn about the unique world of sumo. Try on a sumo suit and put your skills to the test against a professional. Follow the meandering paths through the soaring stalks of bamboo which make up the bamboo groves of Arashiyama just outside of Kyoto. Enjoy a traditional kaiseki meal as you’re entertained by a Maiko in Kyoto. Take the opportunity to gain inside knowledge about the fascinating life of an apprentice Geisha.
$ 5,425
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Highlights of Laos

Start the day like a local as you savour a traditional Lao coffee at a local coffee stall in Vientiane. Enjoy a breathtaking Mekong cruise and take in the views of its surrounds whilst the sun sets. Visit a traditional wooden house and enjoy a home cooked meal whilst learning about the Laos culture. Discover the hidden corners of the capital Vientiane, through the local sights and delicacies.
$ 1,235
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Explore the bustling streets and markets of Bagan whilst sampling delicious snacks along the way. Glide on a canoe down the narrow channels to Kaylar Village which is famous for its floating gardens. Take in the breathtaking views of Shwedagon Pagoda, encrusted with diamonds and enshrines relics of four Buddhas.
$ 2,349
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Visit Taj Mahal – A Symbol of Love. The love of a man for his wife is preserved in the gleaming white marble of the Taj Mahal. Take a Game ride in one of the finest jungles (forest) of India in search of Royal Bengal Tigers in Ranthambore National Park. Experience the local traditions while having a dinner with a local family in Jaipur. Experience the authentic Desert of Rajasthan with a camel ride in Manvar. You will be spellbound with the beauty of Lake Pichola in Udaipur while enjoying a beautiful boat ride.
$ 4,069
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Venture to the Mekong Delta and spend the day exploring the many palm fringed canals, local temples and markets. Start your day like a local as you explore the bustling streets of Phnom Penh whilst on a cyclo. Journey along the meandering canals and meet the local people as you discover the beauty of the Mekong Delta.
$ 2,769
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Take a cooking class to learn how to create your own bibimbap, one of the most famous dishes of Korea. Peer across the DMZ at the 38th parallel into North Korea. Experience and learn about the temple life of monks in the rural town of Gurye.
$ 4,330
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Discover the unique history and culture of Hanoi, Vietnam‘s Capital as you walk the busy streets and alleyways of the Old Quarter. Cruise the waters of Halong Bay on a traditional junk boat. Take in the stunning scenery and feast on fresh local seafood. Take in the stunning coastal vistas and lush countryside scenery on your drive from Hue to Hoi An. Be charmed by Hoi An, with its antiquated streets and unique insight into traditional Vietnamese life. Explore the Mekong Delta and experience the vibrant scenes and rural villages of Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’.
$ 2,445
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Iconic India

Experience Old Delhi on a rickshaw ride tour to see the way of life. Experience the life of this ancient city, Varanasi on a boat ride with traditional flute artist. Wander through the Ghats of Varanasi and enjoy local snacks (Samosa). Take a ride on a Pink City Rickshaw tour in Jaipur. The rickshaw will be driven by well trained women, who live in the slums and low income areas of Jaipur. Experience the village life during a walk to Deogarh village. A rural train ride may sound simple but is a great journey to enjoy panoramic views, scrub jungle and surrounding hills. You will be spellbound with the beauty of Lake Pichola in Udaipur while enjoying a beautiful boat Ride.
$ 5,999
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Cruise the waters of the picturesque Halong bay on a traditional junk boat. Take in the stunning scenery and feast on fresh local seafood. Enjoy a scenic train ride between Hanoi and Sapa – a spectacular journey which winds through the countryside. Escape Hanoi‘s bustling crowds as you make your way to an ancient village and gain an insight into local life.
$ 1,725
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Secrets of Japan

Discover Kappabashi Dori with its endless supply of stores selling everything from pots and pans to cooking utensils and chairs to restaurant operators. Some stores even sell plastic and wax food samples for window displays! Lose yourself in the abundance of fabric stores in Tokyo’s Nippori Fabric Town where you’ll fi nd everything from traditional silks to modern print cotton fabric. Wander through Yanaka Old Town and take in the ‘shitamachi‘ or ‘downtown’ character of the area, a stark difference to the modernity of Tokyo.
$ 8,149
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Discover the world of coffee with Mr Kamsouk around the Bolaven Plateau on an old army Jeep. Cycle around tranquil Don Daeng Island, nestled in the middle of the 4,000 Islands region. Stop at local villages along the way and experience island life. Enjoy a tradtional Sindad, where we bring the BBQ to your table, you can then be your own chef.
$ 1,825
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View the incredibly spectacular Haedong Yonggung Temple as it overlooks the ocean. Visit the six hundred year old UNESCO World Heritage Hahoe Village. Spend a morning learning and experiencing the temple life of monks.
$ 3,365
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Spice of the South

Visit to DakshinaChitra – Which showcases “A Picture of the South“. It is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles and crafts of South India. Walk through the French Quarter of Pondicherry, which will leave you spellbound whilst experiencing the French architecture in India. Walk through some of the lush green plantations to experience the beauty of this beautiful place known as Munnar.
$ 4,219
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Splendours of Japan

Relax in Hamarikyu Garden as you sample matcha (green tea) and enjoy a Japanese sweet. Wander through the Omiya Bonsai Village, and see the art of bonsai at the multiple nurseries and private gardens. Visit Daitokuji Temple complex to experience the Zen culture and architecture. Explore Kurashiki to see the storehouses which once stored rice and have now been converted into museums and cafés.
$ 6,565
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Observe leopards on safari in Yala National Park. Referred by locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World – Sigirya is the most visited highlight in Sri Lanka. Search for the world‘s largest creature,the Blue Whale on a morning cruise off the coast of Sri Lanka (September to April). Visit one of Anuradhapura‘s most revered Buddhist temples sites, Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba. On a walking tour, wander through the old streets and ramparts of Galle Fort which has been influenced by Dutch, Portuguese and British.
$ 3,815
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