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Escape the crowds and travel by tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat for sunrise over Angkor Wat‘s famous spires. Enjoy a hands-on traditional Lao-style cooking demonstration at the Bamboo Experience cooking school. Learn about the typical ingredients used in Lao cooking and prepare a feast for dinner. Receive a blessing when you take part in a local ‘Baci’ blessing ceremony. Cruise overnight through the 3,000 islands rising from the sea in Ha Long Bay.
$ 4,465
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Highlights of Laos

Start the day like a local as you savour a traditional Lao coffee at a local coffee stall in Vientiane. Enjoy a breathtaking Mekong cruise and take in the views of its surrounds whilst the sun sets. Visit a traditional wooden house and enjoy a home cooked meal whilst learning about the Laos culture. Discover the hidden corners of the capital Vientiane, through the local sights and delicacies.
$ 1,235
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Laos Best Kept Secrets

Learn more about Laos‘ contemporary art scene from young artists in Vientiane. Enjoy a private dinner in a rice paddy. Discover the hidden treasures of Luang Prabang during an exclusive tour.
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Laos Magical Kingdom

Explore the World Heritage listed town of Luang Prabang with its glittering temples, night markets and spectacular mountainous scenery. Visit Wat Phou Temple, spot Irrawaddy dolphins and see stunning waterfalls in scenic Southern Laos. Enjoy additional bonuses including a tailored welcome kit and room upgrades in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, plus more.
$ 3,144
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Enjoy four nights in World Heritage listed Luang Prabang, repeatedly mentioned as a highlight by our travellers. Prepare your own traditional Lao picnic of barbecue chicken and bamboo sticky rice to take to the magnificent Kuang Si Falls. Enjoy bonus offers in Luang Prabang including a complimentary room upgrade. See page 65 for our range of hotels and bonus offers.
$ 1,967
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Cruise on Halong Bay’s jade green water, amongst thousands of limestone karsts and caves. Discover this World Heritage listed town of Luang Prabang with its glittering temples, night markets, monks and spectacular mountainous scenery. Experience an unforgettable day uncovering majestic Angkor Wat, the faces of Bayon and mysterious Ta Prohm.
$ 3,272
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Quality Coffee Tour

Swim in the waterfalls and visit a coffee farm in the highlands of the Bolaven Plateau. Take a jeep trip to an ethnic village with traditional bamboo houses. See the ancient temple ruins of Vat Phou. Explore the local coffee shops and meet with a young farmer and learn about noodle production before sampling your own. View the beautiful Kuang Si waterfalls and visit a rescue centre for Asiatic Black Bears. Engage in a plant scavenger hunt at the botanical gardens and prepare traditional dishes in a cooking class.
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Discover the world of coffee with Mr Kamsouk around the Bolaven Plateau on an old army Jeep. Cycle around tranquil Don Daeng Island, nestled in the middle of the 4,000 Islands region. Stop at local villages along the way and experience island life. Enjoy a tradtional Sindad, where we bring the BBQ to your table, you can then be your own chef.
$ 1,825
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Southern Laos Explorer

Explore Southern Laos, a region where time seems to stand still. Journey through sleepy rural scenes, fertile plains, coffee plantations and scenic waterfalls. Discover the 4,000 Islands, spot the elusive Irrawaddy dolphin or soak in a stunning Mekong sunset.
$ 1,385
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