Schist Village Experience

Embark on a journey through the heart of Porto and the Douro River, where history meets modernity in perfect harmony. Delve into the enchanting realm of Serra da Lousã and uncover the timeless beauty of the Schist villages. Feel the soulful touch of those who have painstakingly crafted these remarkable settlements, stone by stone. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of life along the Douro, and let the magic of these destinations leave an indelible mark on your spirit.

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Enjoy Porto

Take a trip to the cradle and true heart of Porto, its Historic Centre. During this journey, the history professional will introduce you to the city and help you understand other things and places that you will later discover for yourself.
In the mid-afternoon, relax on a boat in the golden Douro River. By Porto by one side, Gaia on the other, and the horizon ahead, listen to the seagulls’ cries while relishing on a glass of wine, letting the last sunbeams warm your heart and soul.


Discover the charm of the enchanting villages

You will be taken to discover Lousã, a place that holds thousands of memories from the past that has at their doorstep the authentic and mysterious, but still hidden gems that are the Schist villages. Together with the guide, make a walk until the village of Talasnal.
In the afternoon, we invite you to discover Cerdeira. While walking on the village, discover the traditional ways of other time and be consumed by the opportunity to find out what is more endogenous in these regions.
It is suggested ending your day in the village Alto de Trevim and enjoying the astonishing view from 1.200m in a giant wooden swing.


Discover an Ecological Reserve

In the morning, you are invited to return to the origins and to discover a park that is the largest sample of wildlife in Portugal with a National Ecological Reserve. Along the walk, you will find various species of fauna and flora. You can take a rest in the shade of chestnut trees, oaks, arbutus and other species of flora in the forest. End your exploration of the schist villages with a visit to another village where you can participate in the local activities whose objectives is to recover the local traditions.



Check out of the hotel. Enjoy your free time and return to the Airport, or stay longer in Portugal!

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