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The most revered of Africa’s safari destinations, Kenya is in East Africa, straddled by the Equator. The incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife, and activities mean endless opportunities for visitors to Kenya. In a single trip, you can visit tropical forests, beautiful beaches, deserts, climb mountains and explore the wild. The hospitality of the people of Kenya is legendary; you are sure to be met with a lovely smile from the cities to the remote villages.

Kenya’s rich diversity of wildlife means that no two experiences in the wild are ever the same. Visitors to Kenya can experience and see completely different things. In a single trip to Kenya, you can visit tropical forests, beautiful beaches, deserts, climb mountains and explore the wild. In Kenya, it is possible to plan a safari that blends adventure and relaxation, luxury and natural simplicity, social experiences, and solitude. Here you can experience a different safari every day. The hospitality of the people of Kenya is legendary; you are sure to be met with a lovely smile from the city to the remote villages. Kenyans are multi-lingual with English and Swahili as the main languages spoken by all. It’s a swirl of different cultures and tribes from all over the world blending to form something for everyone. Kenyans are also multi-religious with freedom to practice any form of religion.

Kenya is on the equator therefore we do not have major seasons. The climate is very pleasant and variations in altitude and terrain can create contrasts. Generally, in the Highlands the climate is cool and temperate; elsewhere the temperatures can reach approximately 35’C during the day. The coast is quite humid and balmy. Over most of the country there are two rainy seasons; the “short rains” which occur from late October through November and the “long rains” which occur from late March to early June. It is perfectly possible to visit Kenya during the rainy season, few roads are affected, the park is fresh and green and there are fewer people and vehicles. Rain usually falls in the late afternoon preceded by bright, sunny and fresh days. Kenya has 3 major cities: Mombasa at the Coast, Kisumu in Lake Victoria and Nairobi as the Capital City also known as the ‘Green City in The Sun.’ Nairobi prides itself with being the only City in the world with a thriving National Park. There are over 20 mountains and hills in Kenya that encompasses the Kenyan highlands. Most common include Mt. Kenya (highest 5199 meters), Elgon (4321 meters), Kipipiri (3349 meters) and Longonot (2776 meters). The most common savannah regions include the famous Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East & West National Parks and Samburu National Park. The Great Rift valley offers an abundance of water and birdlife, especially flamingos, pelicans, and fish eagles. Common lake regions include Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Baringo. The East African Coast touches the Indian Ocean, thus ensuring year-round warm waters and pristine beaches. Famous beach destinations in Kenya include Mombasa, Diani (South Coast), Malindi, Lamu, Watamu.

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Kenyas Top Destinations

Wilderness Areas

The diversity of game in the wilderness and the unique landscape of Kenya is simply breathtaking; it’s easy to understand why this is the authentic home of safaris.

Highlands and Valleys

Enjoy pure and unspoilt landscapes and the spectacular views of the green upcountry and a whim of nature cascades across the meandering hills.

Northern Kenya

With a fun all-terrain vehicle, tour these rugged terrains and experience the thrills, well cut out landscapes that flourish into the horizon and even desert wildlife.

Indian Ocean Coastline

The pristine tropical beaches of East Africa have received numerous awards as the most beautiful beaches in the world, palm trees, soft white sands, and pure, blue waters.

City Escapes

Starting with the ‘World’s only wildlife capital’ of Nairobi city to the Gateway city of East Africa, Mombasa and Lake Victoria’s hub, Kisumu, our metros are modern with a blend of cultures from across the globe.

Great Rift Valley Lakes

From bird watcher’s paradise, spectacular scenes of hot springs and geysers, to pristine nature islands.

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